Frequently asked questions

Are we like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream?

To a certain degree consciousness is created and existent in our own experience of being conscious, so yes, dreams direct Pierrot as much as experiential feedback from the world. Dream wild, dream big, strange dream, dream a future which pushes us forward from the past.

Everything we do is music

John Cage famously stated that 'everything we do is music'. Here at Pierrot HQ this is our mantra that guides and informs every decision we make. For us the sound of a screeching tube escalator is just as musical as Benjamin Britten’s 'Interlude' from the Ceremony of Carols.

There is nothing we need to do that isn't dangerous

Well... er... yes, we couldn't agree more Mr Cage! Pierrot risks everything though the embodiment and manifestation of the creative drive. Nothing was ever achieved through adherence to the status quo, be that petty bureaucracy or our own inner voice which shouts, 'this will not work'. Fuck you. I can and i will do this... i will prove you wrong.

It is better to live in a state of impermanence that in one of finality

Imagine if Gaston Bachelard wrote about sound? What if he replaced words with notes, the blank page with the conductors baton raised; paused in anticipation of sound? Impermanence allows the potential for possibility to develop, grow and be nurtured for the benefit of the world. Embrace impermanence, its the only true constant.